Laborer Skill

Just thought I’d share this insight, as I didn’t quite “get it” before.

The Labor obstacles for “Hauling Items” isn’t for somehow bypassing inventory restrictions (that’s what “Carrying Extra Sacks” is for). It’s for moving heavy things from point A to point B. It’s not like you’re going to pick up a stone column and carry it around with you in the dungeon strapped to your back like something from Nodwick.

Of course, now that brings up another thought:

If the party hauls the load to the surface, do they need another check (by which I mean “skill check”, or “test”) to get it to town? I’m guessing not, in the “skip to the interesting bits” sense of things.

But what if they haul the load to the place where the stairs used to be and have to make a Dungeoneering test to climb up? Does that just make Dungeoneering really hard? Do they make a Dungeoneering test and then another Laborer test? Something else?

Well if they have everything pretty well mapped out, then you could just let them fast travel with the laborer check. However, I don’t think it would be bad form to stop them if the nature of an obstacle is changed by their status, like crossing a river without a boat or carrying something heavy up a vertical climb. At that point you’d have to get creative. If they come up with some good ideas, that’s fantastic, otherwise I guess you could also count the Laborer factors against the Domineering test? Sounds really hard, but I guess it should be. I’m curious to see if luke or Thor have any thoughts on this one.

I’d have them make a Dungeoneer test to negotiate rough stairs and allow Laborers to assist by managing the heavy loads and doing “bucket brigade” style teamwork to get that shit upstairs…

It wouldn’t cost a check to carry things to town, btw. That’s part of the adventure phase. You might even earn a check while carrying heavy stuff (if you’re a halfling, which is the best thing to be). Although upon re-reading, I think you meant “test.”

Yes, I meant test. Unfortunately “check” is a common term for a dice roll against a skill or ability in many games. I’m embarrassed that I made that slip. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha, I didn’t even notice.

I’d merge jovialbard and Sorensen’s ideas, with making the burden a Factor for Dungeoneer but letting Laborers Help.

Also if they manage to get creative and some ropes I’d deem it a Good idea and let them test Dungeoneer without the added Factor.

Stay cool :cool:

A system of pulleys and levers is always a good idea! :slight_smile: