The Labourer skill says it can help Alchemist, Armourer, Carpenter, Cook, Healer, Hunter, Peasant, Sailor, Stonemason and Weaver. However those skills don’t list Labourer under Suggested Help, is there a reason for this?

OK, whilst they aren’t included in the skills section, they are included in the GM Factors section.

There’s also a conflict between the two sections with Hunter, the skills section has Lore Master helping Hunter, whilst the GM factors section lists Survivalist and Labourer.

Also, Survivalist appears under Labourer in the GM Factors section, but not in the skills section.

It was an oversight. We noticed it, but not until after we’d already signed off on the proofs. Hopefully we’ll be able to correct it in the second printing.

The text of the Laborer skill is definitive. It can help with Alchemist, Armorer, Carpenter, Cook, Healer, Hunter, Peasant, Sailor, Stonemason, Survivalist and Weaver.

That’s really good to keep in mind; I’ve got that skill at 2…

Which is suppose to also Help Hunter, Lore Master or Survivalist?

I think they are both legit suggestions. The focus has got to be on the specific actions the characters are taking at the table.


Survivalist. Lore Master originally had some of the knowledge of animals and their nature stuff that Loremaster has in Mouse Guard. We later excised that but missed the reference on p.32.

Thanks for the clarifications