Lack of Mouse Guard content on

Just getting started and trying to catch up. Having read the majority of post, it is very frustrating finding that many, if not most, of the links that redirect to result in a 404 error. Is the content archived anywhere?

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Do you have an example post? We did our best to redirect the majority of old links, but there are surely many that were missed.

I literally started at the first post and began binge reading. I did not take note of which posts links were dead. A quick scroll through today came up with these:

Not helpful, I know, just and sampling.

Yea, I’ve also just got the box set recently and have been going through the forum here and a lot of links to the burning wheel site results in a 404 page
I also see a lot of mentions about “Adding it to the Wiki”, do any one know where one can access this Mouse Guard RPG wiki somewhere?

Yeah. it’s very frustrating. And it’s not just limited to Mouseguard either, sadly. You can access the wiki here but the certifcate for the site expired last year, so you do so at your own risk.

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