Lake Sturgeon

I wasn’t sure where I should post this, so I figured that hacks was a safe place. Here’s a write-up I did on a fish:

Game: Mouse Guard

Lake Sturgeon

The lake sturgeon is a huge, ancient fish. It’s rarely seen, except by a few fisher-mice who tell of it’s enormous size. They can grow as old as 100 years, and some have known the territories before the Guard was established. Sturgeon prefer shallow lakes and rivers, where they feed upon crayfish, insect larvae, worms, and other small fish. They do not have teeth, using their elongated, spade-like snout to stir up the sand and silt on the beds of rivers and lakes while feeding. This non-bony fish weirdly has no scales but is covered with five rows of bone-like plates on its back, sides, and stomach.

Because of it’s extremely old age, lake sturgeon do not spawn until almost a third into it’s life. Some lake-dwelling mice track individual sturgeon’s life cycles to take advantage of this time when their eggs or roe can be harvested. Lake sturgeon for the most part are unseen and do not interact with mice. Some don’t believe that they exist, and very few have ever tasted their delicacies.

Lake Sturgeon Nature 9
Swimming, Bottom-feeding, Evading, Jumping

Lake Sturgeon Weapons
Bone-Like Plates-- +2D to Defend.

Special note:
Lake Sturgeon are on Natural Order Scale at the same level as the Wolf, Wolverine, and Deer.

Wow. Cool. I debated whether or not to put something like this in, but ultimately decided against it. Good job!

Thanks. I was just wondering why there weren’t more fish listed in the book, so I researched some Michigan wildlife until I found this monster.

There’s not a lot of interaction between mice and fish.

Escept for when Conrad hooks 'em and rides their backs. Cool fish.

Makes sense. That, by the way would be my review of the entire Mouse Guard game.

I think this is a great idea! Although… I am from the Oregon Coast and these fish are quite common in my area… they are about as active as a slug is on land. To give you an idea of what they spend 100 years doing… they can live in a deep hole in a river that is a about as big as a large house… for their entire lives! Maybe a good fish to use would be a large mouth bass… or even a trout. These fish eat lots of bugs and bass eat snakes. No reason they wouldn’t attack a mouse on a leaf boat. Just a thought, not trying to bash… just trying to be helpful.

Yeah, I don’t really think of the sturgeon as some big monster that comes out to attack the mice. It’s more of a slumbering beast that more adventurous/greedy mice may try to deal with.