Last sentence under "Last Ditch Arrow"

The last sentence on p. 416 is partially obscured by the page ornamentation.

“If you lose that test, your weapon will only be loaded if you could have fired a last ditch…”

What is the rest of this sentence? Squinting, it seems like it might be “…arrow, but chose not to.” I’m not sure, though.

That is correct. I am so sorry about that. I am mortified over that error.

Yep, looks to me. I didn’t even notice it in the vines! Nice Observation dude!

Maybe Luke actually inscribed my book in the vines somewhere…

No worries. Just wanted to know!

Something to grab in the next printing! :smiley:

I noticed this too. I’m glad it’s not only my book, although that would have made it even more of a collector’s item.