Latin in the Iron Empires

Hi all,

Obviously there is some Latin flavour in the Iron Empires - we have Mundas Humanitas and Corvus and Crucis and so on. I was wondering if it carried one down, especially in the MH?

Also: assuming that it does, do we have any Latin scholars who can tell me what the Latin title of the Order of the Seeking Fire would be?


Also there are interesting terms like “Coeptir,” “Ravilar,” and “Cotar” (including Cotar Antistes, etc.) which I’d love to here Chris Moeller explain the origins of.

I’ll add a “Me Too” to Sydney’s additional question(s) too.

Hey guys,

My idea, when creating new terms, is to try to ground them in something familiar. Because many English words have Latin or Greek roots, I decided to start with Latin as a starting point for creating my own new terminology. So instead of “futurepriest” we have Cotar (roughly based on curator: guardian or overseer) - Fomas based on fomes (fast-burning tinder).

It’s not scientific (I have never studied Latin or Greek), consistent or anything else. It’s my attempt, when building new words, to have them feel “right” to the reader, without being too obvious in their references.


Curious: what are the roots of “coeptir” and “ravilar”?