Learning facets

In the magic burner, it says that people can learn facets following the same rules as learning spells. How do you guys see that play itself out? Is the facet practiced seperately or does it have to be part of an abstraction? Is the affinity added to each facet being practiced if multiple ones are in play?

Also, how do your players first learn facets? Is it from a magical misfire or are they taught them or some other method?

It works as written in MoBu pg174 and BWG pg518.
First Reading: tests Sorcery+help/FoRKs/methods against Facet’s obstacle. Time=OB in months. Failures by up to 3 increase the obstacle.

Practicals: Can be exactly as in BWG (you cast a complete meaningful Abstraction as part of your game). I see no reason why Ob can’t be Abstraction Ob plus Perception Aptitude.

Second Reading: Exactly as BWG pg519.

You can learn new facets from an Abstraction Variance or a spell/book. And since learning a new facet uses the “Learning a New Spell” rules, I guess you could be taught, too.

Not sure what you mean by affinity (Aptitude?), but personally, I wouldn’t allow more than 1 facet to be learned at any 1 time.

Of course, this is all up to you in the end…and assumes you’ve solved the Spellweaver problem.