Learning from Another

First off, I searched the forums and wasn’t able to find the answer to this. I apologize if it has been answered before.

On page 50 of BWG in the Learning from Another section, the last sentence states:
“The exponent of the skill must be equal to or higher than the student’s.”

But then on page 51 in the Test Me section, the last sentence of the example states:
“Nor can you give Difficult tests to a character with a skill of 6 or higher.”

Its the example that confuses me as it states that you have a Sword B4 but can’t give a Difficult test to someone with a skill of 6 or higher (since that level needs an OB of 5-6 for Difficult). The sentence reads as it might be possible if you had a skill of 5 - but from the earlier passage on page 50 (skill must be equal to or higher than the student’s) that shouldn’t be the case either.

I have read this section a few times and I think I understand it if the last sentence in that example was removed. What am I missing here?

Now, my copy of BWG is first printing so this has been corrected/updated in a later version, I apologize. I just ordered a 5th printing so I haven’t been able to see if this text is the same.

Thanks guys,

I think that sentence is an oversight. If you have the exponent to train someone, you necessarily have the exponent to give at least a difficult test.