Learning from another's spellbook

If Taika and Varg were in the same party and had some checks in camp what would be the best procedure for Taika to learn Wizard’s Aegis from Varg without it costing Varg access to his spell?

Is it like this?

  1. Varg scribes a scroll of Wizard’s Aegis. Must pass an Ob 1 scholar test.

  2. Taika studies the scroll to learn the spell. Must pass an Ob 2 lore master test. But the words are now gone from the scroll.

  3. Taika must copy the spell from Varg’s spellbook. Must pass an Ob 2 scholar test.

Having learnt it and copied it to her spellbook she can now prepare it for the next adventure phase.

Is there anything Varg can do to prepare for step 3 to protect his spellbook from a horrible GM twist and optimally spend a check between the two Taika must spend?

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Step 3 isn’t right. She could do that, but that would consume the spell from Varg’s spellbook.

There’s a better way. After step 2, Taika knows the spell, so she doesn’t need Varg anymore. But she can’t memorise it yet. To do that she either needs to (a) return to her library or (b) scribe a scroll.

a. If she returns to her library, she can memorise it and add it to her travelling spellbook.

b. She can scribe a scroll of any spell she knows. Scribing doesn’t involve the travelling spellbook at all. With the scroll, she can either cast it or copy it into a travelling spellbook. Either way, the scroll is consumed.

So if she doesn’t have access to her library, I think the best steps 3 & 4 are:

  1. Spend a camp check or +1 Lifestyle to scribe a scroll of a spell she knows.

  2. Spend a camp check or +1 Lifestyle to copy that scroll into her travelling spellbook.

Check out Mordite Monday’s blog Otherworld Problems. Best guide on spells and spellbooks.


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