Learning New Skills Through Instruction?

When learning new Skills through Instruction, as opposed to Beginner’s Luck, do you still deal with Aptitude (in which case it would seem to make sense just to go with Routine tests as it’s the number of tests that count, not the difficulty?)? Or do you just need to meet the requirements to go from a 0 in a Skill to 1 (ie 1 Routine and 1 Difficult/Challenging)? Thanks.

It’s still all about Aptitude. You can open a skill with enough Routine tests from instruction. After that, though, you need the combination of Routines, Difficults and Challengings.

Thanks Thor, though to what end, then, is there a 0 to 1 on the Advancement chart?

If you had a B1 in the Stat that the skill was based on? I believe it would open at B0…

I don’t think it would, if we look back at the Exponent Zero Rule - You can’t roll the skill, spend Artha on it or FoRK into it.
If your Stat is B1, you are either too puny to establish the skill or you’d open it at B1.

Your Resources can start at 0 or be reduced to 0.

Says who? The general rule implies that it opens at B0. And indeed you can’t test it, receive help, spend artha, or FoRK into it. (The book doesn’t say that you can’t get an advantage die from tools or otherwise - would that be kosher as a way to advance from 0 to 1? I think it would since for Resources you can still use cash, fund, or loan dice.)

p 37 - Exponent Zero.
I Guess with a B0 skill you could still train it until it reaches B1, but until it reaches B1, you can’t use it.

Here’s another example, and yes, this came up in actual play.

My father’s wilder elf bard, Vol, started with a grief of zero due to her taking the Unbreakable trait.

I know - that page says nothing about opening new skills. And like I pointed out in my post, if you can get advantage dice (from tools or from the situation), I think you can roll your B0 skill just like resources (no help, no forks, no artha - but cash dice will work). The rule specifically disallows everything except advantage dice - the omission makes me think advantage dice will let you roll it.

Resources is the exception. Otherwise, I am sorry for overlooking advantage dice. YOU CANNOT USE AN ABILITY OF 0 AT ALL (except Resources).

Inevitable Why? Because it devalues the advancement and injury systems.