Learning new skills without taking new lifepaths

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Forgive me for the lack of proper introduction, but I will go straight to the point: is it possible for a character to learn a new skill purely via narrative way, without taking a lifapath that grants such skill? For instance, a Factotum prepares for a long journey to complete a task given by his master and spends his time practicing horse riding. Does this mean that the player can now take a “Rider” skill at 1/6? Or maybe a Philosopher who knows Latin and Greek decides to learn a very specific language like Kurmanji or Sumerian. This might take months or even years, but can they finally achieve a respective skill at 1/6?

I really hope I didn’t miss the answer to my question in the book. If it really is there, I would be glad to know where exactly should I look!

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The only way to gain skills in the game is to take new lifepaths. That factotum can rent a house and ride it for the journey, but they don’t get the skill.

Languages are different, iirc. They can be gain separately.

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