Learning new Spell Songs

Just wanted some feedback if I understood the way of learning new Spell Songs correctly.
The BWG says on pg. 142 “Also, all Elven Spell Songs count as sorcerous skills for the purpose of practice and learning”, and on pg. 49 “Take note that the first test toward learning a skill listed as sorcerous type must come from Instruction rather than practice or beginner’s luck. Once you’ve earned that test you can use beginner’s luck and practice.”
So how would that actually play out? Find someone teaching me the basic melody in one instructional session, basically a few days, and then just go off and try my luck singing away using my Willpower exponent and a double obstacle, thereby possibly learning the song in less than one month?

Someone’s got to teach the basic words and sounds to the spell-song. After that, you learn the skill through Beginner’s Luck by practising it or using it and thereby focusing on the correct pronunciation, rythym and cadence. Once you’ve got the basic iteration learnt, then it’s a matter of perfecting it through advancing the exponent.

BWG Page 49: The first test towards learning a sorcerous skill must come from instruction. Once that first test is earned it can be used with beginner’s luck & practice.
BWG page 50-51: Learning from another requires a teacher to make an Ob4 (routine/sorcerous) Instruction test. The teacher then gives the student a routine test that is narrated rather than rolled for by the student. This first test counts as the required first Beginner’s Luck test. This instruction of the basics takes time of course (pp 51).
BWG 49-50: Once you’ve been taught that first test, the sorcerous skill being learnt now conforms to normal Beginner’s Luck rules, and requires a number of Routine tests equal to the skill’s aptitude.


Thanks John.

And there we have a whole lot of little adventures to be had. Looking for someone teaching and maybe getting send on some fool’s errand, eh quest.