Leather armor damaged as a twist

The handy player’s deck shows “Leather armor is only damaged as a result of a twist” and “Leather armor can be repaired by survivalists, weavers and tanners”. It seems like the consensus on leather armor is that it is never damaged but that’s contradicted by the players deck. I’m not seeing where in the books the player’s deck is referencing so I’m curious, is the player’s deck correct and, if so, what is the Ob for repairing delineated somewhere?

Hi @mtrvr.

From my read, unlike Chain and Plate (which may get damaged in combat), Leather armour is not damaged by Conflicts, at least, not by the moment-to-moment play of a Conflict (Dungeoneer’s Handbook p151 - “… You can only make this roll once per fight, but the armor is not damaged or destroyed by absorbing hits.”).

However, Twists can be applied outside of a Conflict, as a consequence of a failed roll.

Much like, as a GM, I can say “You fail the Dungeoneer test - your backpack straps break as you climb away, and your pack falls down into the pit below”, I can say something like “The acid trap triggers, spraying your leather armour with acid, leaving many nasty holes in it, damaging it”.

In fact, for a failed test in a recent Torchbearer session of ours, I used a Twist to ruin someone’s armour. At a later camp, they had to consider whether to repair it or not.

We looked at the Armorer skill (Dungeoneer’s Handbook p161), and decided it was Ob 1 (in line with crafting leather armour, and lower than repairing chain armour).


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