Legends of the Guard wise

How do you use this wise in your games??

The wises rules declare that the player can’t made up, or create fake content about wises. But Legends of the Guard are stories about territories half true- half fiction, so how the players can play it???

Do you allow them to create their own legends??
Are the legends need to be the same that the Legends of the Guard books??


I ask them to tell me a story about a legendary Guardmouse who escaped / succeeded / inspired others etc in a similar situation, and as long as they give a fair crack at a response, give them the bonus.


Thanks for your answer. I use it exactly same same way. I’m just curious what other people does

I require even less than that. For me they just need to give some reason why knowing about Guard legends would be helpful in assisting in this particular test. So long as they give an in-world/in-character-ish answer (eg, “My naive enthusiasm and unironic belief in our cause raises my party’s morale and we rally!”) and describe more precisely how that manifests in this particular situation (“My character tells his patrol mate that it’s through persevering through difficult situations like this that the Heroes of Olde were able to protect the Territories and become legends.”,) then I allow it whether or not they reference any legendary detail, canonical or extemporaneous.

And carry on about this topic, in the 2nd edition rules, they say, after using your wise for a pass and a fail test, and using a persona and a a fate point, you can choose between swap your wise for a new one, or get and advance in one skill related to the wise.

What skill would be the one related to Legends of the Guard Wise??

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