Les Lames du cardinal

A nice tribute to Dumas’ Three Musketeers is Pierre Pevel series of “Les Lames du cardinal”. It was a hit in France!

The three books were translated into English.

– The Cardinal’s Blades

– The Alchemist in the Shadows

– The Dragon Arcana,

published by Gollancz ed.

If you want to get the feeling of this period of time, especially in Paris, I highly recommend to read them (note that there is a touch of fantasy).

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Wow. Very fantasy!
I’m sure you could pull this off in M&M. Dragon lifepaths are very much possible…

I also believe that we can hack M&M to play in Pevel’s alternative setting which includes fantasy (but still with Dumas’ touch). Different interesting lifepaths can be created (I let you read the novels if you have the opportunity :wink:).

In France, a RPG based on Pevel’s novel was developed a few years ago. Unfortunately, it was a fiasco due to problems with the resolution system (the FAQs were as long as the core rule :face_with_raised_eyebrow:). A second edition is currently in development (still based on the same engine). It is typical of the French: great stories but poor game designers :upside_down_face:

I am “extremely” impressed by the game design of M&M and particularly how Luke was able to faithfully embed the players into this particular period of France through the mechanical system and not long historical books (as most of the French game designers would have done). I believe that he succeeds to develop a perfect RPG in Dumas’ style. Congratulations: no French could have done a greater job!


Another possible M&M hack is to following lines of the French RPG entitled “Terra Incognita”. I translate the pitch of this game:

“Terra Incognita is a role-playing game offering players the opportunity to develop their character in a baroque fantasy set in the uchronic 1710s and bathed in a fantasy influenced by the literary references of the time (the adventures of Robinson Crusoe and especially those of Gulliver for example). The starting point is that most of the content of imaginative literature (tales, fables, extraordinary journeys, utopias, etc.) of the time, roughly between the middle of the 17th and the middle of the 18th century, really exists. Thus, Puss in Boots, anthropomorphic animals, trips to the Moon, the Lands of Nowhere and other flying islands all exist and interact in the universe of Terra Incognita. It will be up to the Travellers, heroes of this baroque universe, to explore it and experience many adventures in a picaresque vein.”

I played this game a lot by the past but its resolution system does not really sustain the game play. Many interesting M&M lifepaths can be written for this pitch.

Personally, I really prefer to play M&M as it is, i.e., for emulating adventures (histories) in the breaches of the Great History around Louis XIII and Louis XIV.

Finally, with great effort, the M&M philosphy (through lifepaths, religion, politics, etc.) could also be used to play at the period of the French Revolution (1789) as well as at the Napoleonic time.

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I have a faint hope of producing a game based on M&M that takes place in the years before the revolution.

It would be so… great!

If I can help, do not hesitate (finding certain historical ressources, helping in the translation from French, etc.).

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