Level 2 and Level 3 Traits

I saw a thread from 2014 that said they “fixed L2 and L3 Traits”, but I didn’t see the fix. Was it that they made L2 only usable twice a session, which made L3 better by comparison? Just got my first L3 Trait and trying to figure out the math.

Hi @Camyron.

Yes, that was my recollection:

  • Level 1 trait: +1D once per session.
  • Level 2 trait: +1D up to twice per session.
  • Level 3 trait: +1s on tied or better rolls (no session limit).

At the very least, that’s how we’ve been playing it!

Mind you, I cannot now find where we got that from…

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That’s correct.

Also, I’m sorry for breaking lvl 2 traits.


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