Leveling a Paladin

Hi Everyone!

I’m super excited that the book finally came out, and I ended up devouring the content. My question comes to one of the bonus classes that was in the Kickstarter, The Paladin.

Will there ever be leveling guide for them? (And/Or the Thief). Our group is in the planning stages of our game, and I kind of want to play a Paladin.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Yes. We will release leveling guidelines for them. Not exactly sure when, but sooner rather than later.

Awesome! Thanks for the Quick Reply. That works for me. I guess I’ll just have to start as something and then get into a Kill Challenge :wink:

I’m sure you could also wing something for now. Maybe scavenge together leveling guidelines using the prayers and some fighter stuff?

That’s exactly what I was thinking, and did. My friend is planning on playing a Paladin, and I like this kind of thing. See below:

If my guess about Paladin having a leveling structure similar to Elf Ranger is correct, then most of this should be fairly close to the real result. There seem to be several constants between other similar classes (Cleric/Elf & Warrior/Dwarf), so I was able to pull a lot of it from those. I tried to do the same for Thief and had to make up a lot more, with much less confidence in any success or accuracy.

We have a Paladin in our group, and he may level soon. Jabbersnatch’s extrapolation makes sense (I will use it - thanks); but, I was wondering if the the Human Thief and Paladin leveling guidelines were ever formalized?


Hi Jeff,

We’re still playtesting, so nothing formal yet. But since you asked nicely (and since I feel pretty confident these are staying as is) the Paladin’s level two choices are below. Choose one. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone.

[li]Level 2[/li]
[li]Holy Orders[/li]
[li]The first lesson one learns when one takes the holy orders is to sense evil in the hearts of others. Make a Will test vs the target’s Nature. If successful, the GM reveals one of the following: alignment, an evil trait or the last evil deed committed by the target.[/li][/ol]

[li]Armored—as warrior[/li][/LIST]

That is amazing. I will definitely by including the Paladin in my next game now.

Weren’t the level benefits for thief and paladin 1-5 released already? If not, how did I get this pdf listing them?


Cool! And, have no fear, your secret is safe with me! :wink:

We released them in an update to Kickstarter backers, but haven’t made them more widely available yet.

(Soon, I promise!)