LFG: Fort Lauderdale FL or Online

I’m a RPGer of 40 years who has been looking for a system that stresses and encourages roleplay while still having enough “crunch” to feel like a simulation and not a writer’s workshop.

I’m very interested in trying Burning Wheel. Although i might eventually run a game I want to get the player experience first. I didn’t find much on Roll20. I’m open to any online medium (FG, R20, Discord or other chat server.)

Is anyone aware of a game looking for players?


I’m in a similar boat.

I might be up for trying to run an one-on-one game for you, if you’d like. :man_shrugging:

Ah. And welcome to the forum.

There is no salvation beyond the Wheel.

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Thanks. @Mark_Watson offered to run a short intro for me and we’ve been workign up a character.
Why don’t you drop him a note and see if he can include you and kill 2 birds with one stone. Then we can go try to scare up a few more a group ourselves!

Where are you located? Im in EST (FL), Mark is in GMT (England) so he’d probably run somethng at 8PM GMT (3PM EST.)

Groovy. Thanks.

I’m a state or two West of you.

Cool so we can be the core of an EST online group maybe!

I actually have two hosue settings that Im looking at converting to some combination of BW and Torchburner once I have a firmer grasp of things.

One is a fairly traditional high fantasy setting. in fact it looks a lot like Forgotten Realms until you start digging into the whys and wherefores.

The second is a magic-punk-noir setting. Think steampunk-noir and replace steam tech with magic. I have a website for the setting with some system-notes from my previous system (which was loosely based on TORG) here…


Any chance you have room for one more? I’m in the Midwest, but after reading over the rule book I’m dying to build a character for something.

Welcome to Hot-Circle-Place!

Hit up Mark Watson and see what’s up!

Hi all.

There should be a message to you all with a link to a GoogleDoc to work out some bits and pieces.



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