LFG: The Gauntlet - Brawlers

I’m trying something outlandish, which is a running an asynchronous tournament of brawlers over Discord. The idea is that your characters are representatives of their walk of life; the goal of the tournament is to determine who will reign supreme from the Field Roden to the Etharchal Elf.

If you’re interested, here’s the Discord link!

Heya! Welcome to the forums!

Can you elaborate a little more on the concept here?

Absolutely! It is a straight up brawlfest; just an excuse to run a bunch of Fight! scenes. I asked the question, “Which is the most viable brawler build?” and thought, “Let’s test it!”

With that in mind, I came up with a list of characters based on which lifepath is most suitable to a brawler in each possible setting—an Orc with Bears the Lash, a Human with Sailor, etc.

Each player would burn up one of these characters and try to win the tourney and prove that they’re the better brawler burner.

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