LFP roll20 BW - The Siege of Hauschutzwehr

The big picture:
Hauschutzwehr, a border fort and site of religious pilgrimage, is under attack by foreigners, despite the winter. Your fates are tied to the fortress!

We will talk more about the setting and situation in session 0. These are some ideas I am keen on: low-magic, intrigue, humans only, Germanic-style culture. For now I leave some things empty.

This is a game of the tabletop role-playing game Burning Wheel, and I welcome anyone to post below if you are interested in playing. No experience with the system is required, only enthusiasm and being reliably available to play. The system Burning Wheel is based around characters struggling against challenges to their beliefs. It has some strong mechanical elements to reinforce this. Try looking at a youtube video of Burning Wheel in play if you would like more of an idea about the system.

If we gel well, I’d like to make this a more longer term campaign.

Please let me know if youre interested on roll20: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/191944/the-siege-of-hauschutzwehr

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