LFP Tabletop DC-Baltimore

I am a GM looking for players for a Burning Wheel tabletop game to start in December 2019 between Washington DC and Baltimore (Savage). I have one player lined up out of four. Schedule of play TBD. Please reply here if interested in more information, I will be checking this periodically until start of game.

Here is the campaign pitch:

Long ago, your people escaped captivity from the Underworld’s Watery Masters with the guidance of the fiery volcano goddess Dhoa. They have survived on the surface world on a remote arctic archipelago by balancing their devotion to their ancestors, their goddess, the harsh arctic spirits, and the evil that accompanied them from the Underworld. You are the next generation of Dhoan heroes preparing to undergo initiation into adulthood to share in the struggle of survival on the Frozen Sea. It is not only by slaying giants, mastering magic, and plundering that you earn your reputation among your people; you must embody and adapt the heroic myths of your ancestors.

The Dhoans are divided into three interdependent traditions that differ in how they relate themselves and their ancestors to the world of spirits. The oldest is the White tradition, led by necromancers called Spirit Catchers. The White tradition oversees funereal practices and many crafts. The divine Red tradition worships the volcano goddess Dhoa on the caldera of her ”Heart”. They oversee rituals of solar observances, cleansing, healing, and marriage. The Green tradition is a foreign shamanic practice brought by returning Dhoan exiles to teach how to survive effectively in the harsh environment. The Green tradition oversees hunting practices, births, and rituals of natural change. Each group provides vital assistance to the others, but when terrible crime threatens to tear the three apart, you must step across the breach and transcend them!

This game has got 3 of 4 player slots probably filled. Schedule still TBD.

Game is tentatively full.

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