Lifepath requirements question and my Beliefs for review

Hey all,

After eating up the book for Burning Empire and loving every bite, I’d been resigned to the fact that I was unlikely to ever have a chance to play it. Lo and behold, it looks like I have a chance to at least try it on a PbP game.

So first, a question about the format of Lifepath Requirements. If there are multiple requirements seperated by commas, then I assume they all have to be met, wheras if there are three seperated by commas and an “or” between the second and third, you only need one of the three… correct? The specific examples are from the Kerrn Oprvraeta setting, Verseeay lists “Crao, Kerrn-Ammah, or Eltee” as requirements, so I assume any one of these three suffices, wheras Kerrnstruct lists “Crao, Veps” as requirements, meaning you need both. Just wanted to make sure I was reading this right.

Second, since it’s my first attempt at character building I wanted to throw the Beliefs I’m working on out here and see if they look good. For background, I’m playing a the cultural leader of a Kerrn population on a gas giant with floating enclosed cities in a swashbuckling victorian steampunk style of tech setting. The Kerrn are solely responsible for maintaining the “Gravity Pillar System”. the giant antigrav engines that keep the cities stable, but are kept as out of sight as possible because of the extremely rigidly stratified social tiers maintained by the Imperial Steward.

My Beliefs are:

My people deserff a better clahss of life. I vill make the Gentry publicly vvrecognize the vurth of the Kerrn ahs essential to the surviffal of our vurld!

The Ahnveel Lord protects all I despize, but I owe my freedom to Im. I must vvrepay thees debt.

My brother haz to realize the Gentry iz corrupt. I vill force heem to open hees eyez.

(Apologies if my accent ees a bit thick.)

If there are multiple requirements for a lifepath, it will be noted with an explicit and. The missing “or” is an omission on our part.