Lifepath requirements

After getting my greedy little mitts on BWG I’ve been looking at character burning and have a bit of a question:
In order to meet the requirements for a lifepath, do you need to have required traits prior to taking the lifepath, or you retroactively make it good.
I suspect the former based on the bottom of PG. 83, but would like confirmation.

As a practical example:
Born Noble gives me 1 trait point and the traits: Mark of Privilege, Your Lordship <etc>
Lord has 1 trait point with no listed traits, and a requirement of Your Lordship or Knight.

Can someone go from Born Noble and use the 1 trait point from Lord to buy Your Lordship to meet the requirements?
Or do you need to go through another lifepath and get Your Lordship before you can take the Lord lifepath?


You just need to take the trait. The only thing that must be in sequence are required lifepaths.

As someone who always read it this way in BWR I feel vindicated, and somewhat swayed to abandon my plan of BWR partisanship in favor of getting BWG when I can.