Lighing the Torch and thoughts for a hack

Since this is the first post in the forum I’m going to go ahead and say I HELP LIGHT THE TORCH!
(I also just signed up for the Kickstarter)

Now with that out of the way, “The Pit” was released a few months back, it’s set in the Sword of the Stars universe ( and is a dungeon delve to find a cure to a plague and this seems like an ideal “hack” for Torchbearer as Burning Wheel has been hacked for Star Wars and Mouse Guard for a Space Guard setting as it focuses on 1) not starving to death, 2) dying or 3) running out of ammo and focuses on going through 20 different levels. Given the similarity of the concepts I think all that’d really be needed to use it for something thematically similar to The Pit would be a renaming of challenges.

So the question that I’m going to throw out is how connected to the characters are the adventures?

Looking forward to seeing the next evolution of BW concepts!