As my grand entry to these fourms, I present my interpretation of Lillygrove, a settlement in the mostly-ignored southernmost region of the territories!

Lillygrove is a bustling center of trade throughout the southernmost region of the territories. A partially floating city built among a scattering of lily pads along a lakeshore, the town serves as a haven to boatmice, merchants, and miners alike. The town is most famous for it’s “mining vessels”, in which teams of mice embark via boat to harvest valuable minerals from lakeside cliffs and rocky outcroppings, oftentimes entering very open water to reach the most untouched sources. In the winter, these same mice haul cartloads of ores across the open ice as they wait for their ships to dethaw. Behind Copperwood and Ironwood, Lillygrove supplies the third most metal ore in the territories. However, though the quantities smaller, Lillygrove makes a far greater profit in export, as most of it’s dealings are in more precious metals, like silver or malachite, and attract many a brave young mouse hoping to make their fortune.

Lillygrove is a large mass of wooden buildings built both beside and on a patch of
lilypads growing alongside a lake. Many smaller homes have been built onto the lilypads themselves, connected by a sprawling wooden walkway that stretches between plants. However, much of the floating homes or businesses are instead run out of boats that had been tied alongside the walkways, some have been tied to the same place for generations. The landside perimeter of the city itself is an outcropping of dull granite, with a valley-like pathway leading into the city. This pathway is protected by another famous sight of Lillygrove, a smooth wall ten mouselengths tall and made of a mishmash of colorful ores. It’s known as the “Painted Gate”, and anymouse that wishes to enter the city via the land route must pass through it.


Lillygrove is run by a hereditary family of silverfured mice known as the “Lilywater” family. Their lineage goes far back, stretching to the early years of the 700s when Lillygrove was first founded. This makes them the longest running family of ruling mice in the history of the territories. The rulers are informed of the needs of the city by an open monthly forum that takes place in the family’s manor, in which anymouse over the age of sixteen can attend.
Lillywater’s laws and trade is regulated by a small group of armed mice known as the “Lilly Knights”, which serve as both a police force and military for the settlement. Rarely numbering more than thirty, to be a member of the knights is a dream of many of Lillywater’s children. However, the Lilly Knights rarely leave the city, and the Mouseguard is still oftentimes required to escort ore shipments or go hunting for lost mining vessels.

Major Trade
Miners and Boatmice make up the majority of Lillywater’s population. To add, a few families of skilled amormors live among the city, making use of its abundance of high-quality resources.

Lillygrove exports both raw and refined ores of silver and malachite en masse, bringing tremendous wealth and prosperity to the citizenry. It relies on the nearby settlements for almost all of its grain needs, and also imports almost all of the lumber required to build its homes and ships.

Guardsmice from Lillygrove may select the following

Skills: Laborer, Boatcrafter, Haggler
Traits: Brave, Curious

Lillygrove NPCs

Lilly Knights
The Lilly Knights are a small assembly of private soldiers that serve to protect and manage Lillygrove under the authority of the Lillywater family. In order to become a knight, a mouse must go through at least five years of training, where at any time she could be denied if deemed unfit, before joining the ranks of the Knights. Often compared to Guardmice, the knights are famous for their fighting ability and undying furocity in defence of their home.
Lilly Knight NPC
Nature (Mouse): 5 Resources: 4
Will:: 4 Circles: 5
Health: 5
Skills: Fighting 5, Instructor 4, Orator 3, Lillywater-wise 4,
Traits: Brave (1), Defender (2), Driven (1)
Common Equipment: Heavy armor, Lilly Knight Pendant, Weapon(s)

Cynehard Lillywater, Lord of Lillygrove
The Lillywater family has ruled Lillygrove since, as some mice would say, “the beginning of time”. In truth, the Lillywater family has been in rule for little over three hundred years, making them the longest running family of royal mice in the territories. The family has remained in power through any past turmoil due to the strict traditions and teachings the family has placed upon itself. For example, every child of the Lillywater family, upon turning sixteen, must leave the family manor and partake in four years of manual labor among the general populace. Through this, the young mouse learns the ins and outs of Lillygrove, as well as gaining the respect and trust of it’s people. Many members of the Lillywater family also go through training under the Lilly Knights as well, though very rarely do they actually become one.
Cynehard Lillywater is a twenty-seven year old mouse that had only just recently taken the position of Lord from his father, whom passed the crown down to him in favor of a quiet life in the city. The mouse, bearing his family’s signature silver fur, leads not unlike any of his predecessors, though he bears an extreme stubborn streak and oftentimes ignores advice from his advisors in favor of his own plans.
Cynehard Lillywater
Nature (Mouse): 5 Resources: 10
Will: 5 Circles: 9
Health: 4
Skills: Administrator 5, Deceiver 3, Fighter 4, Laborer 4, Militarist 4, Orator 6, Persuader 5,
Traits: Hard Worker (1), Leader (2), Stubborn (3), Young (2)
Equipment: Rapier (As sword), Light Armor, Lillywater family Crest

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