Limit for Resource at character creation

At character creation with the basic 4 lifepath limit I cross the possibility of starting with Resource 12, it is possible? Or the limit in this case would be 10? (RAW)

Born Noble > Lord > Baron > Viscount

Spending 180 of the 190 RP in Property, Affiliation and/or Reputation you would have a initial resource of 12. [180/15=12]

For all other exponents where this is possible, RAW forces you to spend 5 points to upgrade to gray shade, so I’d say that’s as close to RAW as exists.

That said, If I were a GM and one of my players tried to do this, I’d smack them.

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Mo’ money, mo’ problems.

A Dwarf Born Noble -> Ardent -> Axe Bearer -> Prince has 250 RP and can conceivably hit 16 Resources out of burning. It’s a completely standard and predictable set of LPs, too.

I’ve never had this really come up, though. Who wants to spend everything on the things that give Resources and have no stuff? That’s probably the biggest barrier. In general I’d rather break stat limits than have shade-shifts from character generation, but Resources and other attributes have fewer problems than stats.

If someone wants to play a Viscount, it makes sense that they have a lot of resources. They’re gonna need it too. Wait till their liege lord calls up the levy.

At that point, the PC really ought to flip it Grey.