List of example disadvantages in combat in BWG

Hi All, quick question, I swear I found this once but now cannot again…

In BW Classic there was a list of disadvantages for combat e.g. heavy rain, poor footing etc. Does this list live on in BWG?

On 422 there’s a list of modifiers for Weather, Terrain and Light in Range and Cover. Is that what you meant? They’re mostly Ob penalties to various activities.

I wonder, how can you reflect a situation where the trained man doesn’t have much advantage over the untrained one, or the powerful man can’t bring his power to bear? Like fighting in the dark, for example… it seems like a great fencer and an untrained man with a sword would be on pretty even ground in the dark, but with Ob penalties the untrained man would have no chance at all. I guess we could limit the maximum number of dice you can roll (before Artha) in a situation like that.

Typically, you’d call for some other test. Fencing in the dark? Call for a versus Perception test.

I do think the trained fencer would still have a big advantage over the untrained fencer, in this particular case. His lunges would be quicker and longer, he’d know how to stand to minimize his exposure.

One non-canon way to level a playing field in versus tests is to halve the exponents. Another way to do it (for fight in particular) is to switch to missile weapon-style IMS, using the die of fate.