List of products printed?

Hi! I was wondering if there’s a list somewhere of all products produced in print (either full production or limited edition, not PDF-only) by BWHQ, under any game line? I have a bit of a collection, but not sure how complete it is.


We used to have a wiki…but wiki’s are shit magnets and it was slowly choked to death by bots.


Ah, that is definitely a shame. Maybe you can help me with something more narrow then?

I have heard of but never seen the following, and don’t know if they were ever in physical media: The Mount Burner, Under A Serpent Sun

Did either of those ever get a physical release, including a limited edition print run?

Mount Burner was just a PDF.
UASS was a color zine printed in 2006, IIRC. Edition of maybe 50.

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