Lock and strike

I’m going to be using a monster with the ability to lock and strike in the next BW session I’m running, and I want to make sure I understand the mechanics. I’m assuming that if I meet the ob. I do an incidental and put the target in a 1D lock. Beyond that do I divide extra successes between bumping the damage up/changing location of hit and increasing the lock?

I believe you work it out as simultaneous actions using the same dice. So if you got 3 successes on the attack, that’s a Mark hit (assuming Ob 1) and a 3D lock that the defender can use his Natural Defenses against, possibly reducing it to 0. You can adjust those extra successes for the Strike aspect as needed, in terms of moving the strike to an unarmored area, etc. But the Lock remains at 3D, no matter what.

Thanks. I thought that was possibly how it was meant to be taken. It’s just so brutal I wasn’t sure. Now I’m afraid to use lock and strike.

A bit more about what Kublai said. If the test is Lock and Strike vs. Beat and the L&S roll is 3 Successes, that counts as a 3 Success Strike (so 2 over the Ob) and a 3 Success Lock against half of the opponents power (so whatever over the Ob). They are two totally separate actions rolling out of a common success pool, unlike Block and Strike which is basically a high-power counterstrike that always gets the strike half off regardless of the opposing action.

Oh, geez. RIGHT! Lock is vs an Ob now, not a versus test. I’m such a BW geezer.

You were a BW geezer 8 years ago! :slight_smile: