Lockpicking skill

It came up in my last session, what skill would be used for lockpicking? Since it was to escape slave chains i let Nature be used but I was curious if anyone else had an idea, has this come up before?

Well, since I would probably use Smith to make a lock, I would ask for a Smith test to pick it. The Ob may be trickier to figure out though. Probably 3-4, depending on the lock.

Since that session my characters have shown an interest in creating more mechanical items, traps, cannons, etc. I’ve been considering adding a Mechanic skill that would cover everything to do with gears, cogs, locks etc. Does anyone else have something similiar?

Cannon are somewhat beyond the scope of technology in the Territories, but Scientist covers all that stuff.

Not really, Scientist covers astronomy, biology,chemistry, earth science, and physics none of which really translates into mechanical devices. And yes cannons are beyond the normal technological level presented in the game, but we’re looking to expand in our game just a bit.

Maybe a joint venture between Smith and Carpenter (and Scientist)? If you’re just looking for one skill, I have to side with Thor: Scientist is a bit of a catch-all for those sorts of things.

Engineering is the third factor of Scientist.

Yes that’s true, I missed it (mostly because I was reading the actual description of the skill). But, since my skill would cover so much (everything from locks to “bear” traps to cannons) it would need a separate skill (a lock and a catapult shouldn’t have the same Ob as they would just using Scientist)

I don´t think adding yet another skill for building stuff is the best option. I´d simply work along with each “complex stuff” they want to create to find which skills are needed, the obstacle, how many tests, etc.
For example, if you want a cannon to be a real pain in the ass to build, you could ask for a smith test, followed by a scientist test.
A catapult might be the same, but with carpenter and scientist. A lock just smith. A bear trap (I imagine not for real bears) carpenter and hunter, or just hunter. A bomb only scientist, and a high Ob.

But if you wanted to make an industrial-level-technology version out of MG, maybe you could narrow scientist and call it chemistry. And then create a new skill called engineering or mechanics. Otherwise, you´d have a new skill that steps too much on the other one.

Heya, Khimus. Just an FYI…


Lockpick? Made a wise. Especific engineering? Made wises!

PS - Sorry, Rafe.

A good point nonetheless, Alejandro!