long term campaign ideas

I’d just like to throw this out there and see what people think of the idea, or might have input to add.

I’d like to run some missions immediately following the Winter of 52. Gwendolyn has dispatched her best Guards to do the work of getting the Territories ready for Spring. But in the back of her mind, she remembers the threat that came to them in winter. Treachery. Yet, she can’t devote so much resources to digging up those who might still be loyal to Midnight’s cause and a threat to the guard. So she commissions a lesser experienced Patrol to a secret mission. travel to the cities and keep their eyes and ears open for signs of subversion and conspiracy. they may have to do things that a normal Guardmouse could not have authority to do. So they must travel incognito. I was thinking that they might be able to travel as a band of merchants, since the patrol leader’s family are merchants, or possibly performers and musicians. (will have to encourage players to pick a music-wise or acting-wise or something. ) When traveling between cities and towns they must still uphold the duties of a Guard, fixing trails and what not, but when they get to a settlement, their new personas get put on. then they’ll have to look for those mice who were acting on Midnight’s behalf, reducing stock in cities and generally making things harder for mice and mad at the Guard.

Meanwhile, Midnight is alive and well, and still has allies within the Territories. His Black Axe ploy failed, so he must devise a new way to bring down the Guard. Perhaps he can find another symbol under which he might bring people to his cause. I’m kinda wavering between stealing those legendary Horns mentioned on the cover of Tales of the Guard, or maybe finding a convincing actor who can portray himself as Tiernan the Bold. (who happens to be throwing in his lot with Midnight). Tiernan’s legend seems to hint that the mouse might become immortal

After putting a stop to the subversives, the Patrol will eventually learn about Midnight’s activities and they’ll have to discover where he is and expose his plot.

there will be a few more mundane missions thrown in for fun, and I’ll probably do the Deliver the mail mission to get everyone used to the system in our first game. But what do folks think? Would it fly? What other nefarious pl;oys might Midnight use to bring down the Guard?

I probably had a nice response in mind a few hours ago, but I lost steam.

Why does Midnight still matter in your campaign? Is he listed as a contact (Friend, Enemy, Mentor, Sr. Artisan, Parent) to a patrol member? If not, what is he really worth?

You can get a load of mileage from establishing some themes you as GM want to explore from session to session, then allow the BIGs of patrol mice to liven up the stories of your campaign.

In my sessions, I’ve set the timeline in 1150 (we’re going into Winter 1150-1151 next week). So, this is right after the weasel war of 1149. My themes are Rebuild, Recruit, Reconnoiter. To bring that to life, G is always pursuing those goals. She has two standing orders. First, Observe & Report. Guard members should be curious, alert, and informed; they need to share what they know in Lockhaven. Second, Search & Rescue. Many mice were lost before, during, and after the war; Guard members should follow-up on any hint that might lead to recovery of lost mice.

The themes have been touched on through most sessions; however, the BIGs (and skills/wises) of the PCs determine much more about the missions and obstacles. Following that, the Freinds, Enemies, and other contacts are the good sources for confrontation.

If I bring in an NPC, I try to make sure it is very short-lived. PC relationships are recurring.

I find ways to bring a bit of life to the themes, and I try to focus on the PC BIGs. I don’t try to think out an over-arching ominous doom. I’ve found it is better to have an over-arching plan for amazing posterity.

Then, the challenges are related to what must be overcome to accomplish that amazing posterity instead of what must be done to avoid the ominous doom. I promise it makes for a better campaign.

So, were I to apply my method to your campaign conceit, I might put things like so:

The Guard has been shocked by a rebellion from one of their own. Midnight schemed with malicious intent and engaged in treacherous thievery.

Now, the territories feel different to mice of the cloak; they are seeing Vice & Villainy all around them in the settlements. The world once familiar has now taken a persona of Spite & Malice.

G has taken a new attitude also. She published two standing orders in addition to the routine duties. First, the Ends Justify the Means. The Guard always had jurisdiction in the wilderness; now they must extend that authority into the settlements. Second, Let There Be No Secrets. The Guard hold back nothing from each other else they must throw off the cloak and deny the oath; those few faithful must never seek to deceive their brothers and sisters.

With those themes and the standing orders, I think you could produce a pretty interesting campaign. It would also depend on the players buying-in through their BIGs.

I like Kenneth’s idea, but also MH’s. If this were my campaign, I would definitely consider bringing Midnight back, but I would make sure that all roads to him lead through the patrol’s Enemies. I would also consider going really, really dark with it, and make sure to introduce some kind of intrigue that potentially pits the patrol against Gwendolyn at some point, especially if she’s attempting to overstep the authority of the Guard. The heroes may even find at some point that they need Midnight’s help in reigning in G’s new “initiatives”.