Looking for game, european friendly timezone (solved)

hello good community,

been wanting to play torchbearer a good while now. i’ve skulked the forums on and off, mostly off, and i`ve got the handbook and some supplements, but never made it as far as birthing games from them.

my rp experience is a few years of DnD 5e, on and off. been craving other systems. if im to present alternative systems to my group, i pretty much have to GM it, but i find that leap a bit intimidating. Perhaps i can muster courage if i can try out TB as a player, im thinking.

id love to try TB regardless, im thinking.

any leads, suggestions or willingness to pass onto a prospective player located in norway? im pretty comfortable speaking and writing english.

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Alas, we’ve got some room in our game right now, but I don’t think a time slot from 2400 to 0400 UTC Sundays is likely to work for someone in Norway.

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hey! thank you for replying. i am afraid you are right. It would mean playing from 1am to 5am in my timezone, UTC +1. but, it warms the heart that you reached out none the less! so thanks for that. need all the warmth we can get in deep dark dungeons.

You are going to say that I am not being helpful here, but if you got a group of players willing to give it a shot, a place and a timeslot - you’ve done the hardest part. Provided you are all fine with going through a bunch of initial frustrations for the sake of freshness and you are willing to work together you should try it. Learning it was quite hard for me and my players, sharing the burden definitely helps.

We have a large RPG community here in Brussels, but after a couple of runs through the sample dungeon with different groups I couldn’t find people who wanted to keep playing. So as much as I like the game, I’ve set it aside.

I guess you already know about Roll 20 plateform, but just in case, check it out, you might find something.

If you need a primer and have some people in mind, I don’t mind running your group through the sample dungeon again as I got quite used to it.

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hey Akanon,

thank you for the kind offer. i dont have a group of people who are interested at the moment, was thinking id better learn it myself before i try to draw others in. perhaps i can find some.

Hi @pkdreas , I advise you join the Torchbearer Discord server and check there if you can find people. I’m fairly new to TB but was lucky to get an introduction and ran a handful of games afterwards.
Hit me up in private here or through Discord and we can see from there if we can set something up one evening soon.
I live in Spain so timezone-wise it should be manageable.

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thanks friend. i’ll send you a message.

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