Looking for the original character sheet

Hey there!
I’m looking for the MG fillable character sheet (MGFillableSheet.pdf), the link from the BW wiki seems to be broken.

Can anyone help me out?
Thanx in advance.

Here’s the direct link which works for me. Maybe Luke’s cave trolls fixed it already.



Unfortunately, this link doesn’t work for me, neither with IE nor Firefox.
Thanks for the effort nevertheless.

Works for me in Opera.

Mine just worked both for Safari and FireFox.

Give it another shot, Miso?

Nope, doesn’t work for me. I tried IE, Firefox, Opera.
Cache is deleted of course but I just a blank page. Very strange.

Well, I still have the pdf from the sample character package. It’s not form fillable but it will do.

Thanks for your answers, guys.

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Nay, still nothing there.
After some fiddling I found out how to alter the sample character sheets though - this way I achieved my goal.
So there’s no need for helping me out here anymore.
Help was still appreciated. ^^