Loosing disposition

Hey we are testing firefight:

My opponent has a position worth 2, and has starting disposition 3.
I have just advanced succesfully, and had 2 extra succes with which id like to remove enemy disposition.
Does he loose disposition from his starting disposition or from his positions disposition? :slight_smile:
Couldn’t find it in the book… (a page reference is a perfect answer!!)

If you scripted an advance or any other action can you choose to hesitate instead if you don’t want to move?

Re: question 1, he first loses disposition from the temporary dispo bonus provided by the Position. See http://www.burningwheel.org/forum/showthread.php?t=4794

Note that if you lose all your temporary dispo points, when you leave that position you won’t lose any more by leaving! And you could advance back to that same position and get the same temporary bonus again.

Another quick question:

Can I choose to reload Voluntarily, if I know i am going to fail my reload check, and would like to fire first in the next round?

I mean like:

V1: Observe, Reload
V2: Direct Fire
V3: Take cover, Reload

V1: Supressive fire
V2: Supressive fire
V3: Take cover, Reload

Etc. etc.

Voluntary Reload, page 525 has what you’re looking for. Spend a non-shooting specialist action, reset the ammo check obstacle.

As for your question about canceling an action to a hesitation, I’m not sure if the book directly addresses that, but if I was going to allow it I’d say you need to declare your hesitation cancel before that volley’s action is revealed.

You can choose the Voluntary Reload as a specialist action. See Voluntary Reload on page 525.

You still have to make an ammo check, but it can reset the Ob.

Edit: Crosspost!

According to the Voluntary Reload bit in the PDF (I’m at work, don’t have the actual book in front of me) you don’t need to test if you’re taking the Voluntary Reload action.

No test is made to perform the Voluntary Reload action. The Voluntary Reload action resets the ammo check obstacle. You must still make an ammo check between exchanges.

thanks for all the answers…

A new question popped up. As we are total newbies we tested the firefight with two completely equal units.

The fight was between two squads of “spacemarines”.

Sergeant (commander)
Corporal (sec. in com.)
Signal tech guy
Sniper (better assault weapon)
Squad support weapon guy
4 redshirts

Everyone in the unit armed with assault guns, except for the sniper who was armed with an Assault laser, and the squad support who had a MPIML.

loads of fun…

Lots of supression fire and tons of reloads (we probably need to count magazines :wink: )


When reloading the MPIML does he get any disadvantage reloading?
Does the Assault weapons get any advantages reloading?

Do you roll reloading for each character? or just the squad support guy?

We played it so that:

  1. no disadvantage nor advantage to any one reloading as both units had a weapon with single shot magazine.
  2. Reloading rolls were made for each weapon type with same type of weapon exp. (all guys with exp 5 assault guns are rolled for, squad support rolled for once, etc. etc.)
    How do you do in bigger battles when rolling like this seems stupid?

This lead me to steel questions also. Because there were so few soldiers we rolled steel for each type of character (one roll for the red shirts, one roll for squad support, one roll for the leaders etc. etc.)
In bigger battle would you just let the officer roll steel?
Or was it supposed to only be the leader that rolls steel?

A speculative question:

is it ok to have different kinds of composition in units:

Like one unit is one huge spacecraft, another one is a fighter wing?

What would be the consequences of this in a firefight? should it be avoided?

Sorry for all the questions. I know it is in the book somewhere, but getting it explained increases ones understanding of how things works.

Prob. more to come

p.s Page reference and links are cool answers :wink:

OK found a part of the solution myself in:

Commander is the key page 508.

What then is the rally action good for? If the steel test is failed by the commander the unit is out? there are no characters to rally? or?

  1. 523 Ammo Capacity Hierarchy

  2. In bigger battles, have the commander test.

  3. Yes, just test the unit commander’s Steel in bigger battles. In smaller battles test everyone’s Steel.

  4. Yes, battleship vs gunship is okay. Armor vs infantry is okay. Iron vs anvil is okay.

  5. Rally is good for units in small battles when the second in command takes over.


thanks for the rapid answers.