Loot:The Ichor of the Dry Kings

The Ichor is a black substance that crawls along it’s container, almost as though it were alive itself. It has the power to undo the dead condition.

Level: 3
Effect:Remove the dead condition. The GM chooses one of the character’s nature descriptors and replaces it with Befouling.

Just an idea that’s been rattling around in my head long enough I figured I’d get some feedback. :slight_smile:

It should also take over a torso slot.

I love it; I also like the using up of a torso slot - though that doesn’t mean the ichor is there, reusable I assume.

It’s keeping you alive, Spiderman alien costume style. You have Befouling for as long as the ichor is on your torso. Removing it via fire or magic will injured/kill you (make an ob 5 Health test or die, again). The ichor dissipates when removed, meaning you can’t re-consume it.

I might go with something like: it dissipates within an hour after being removed, unless it can inhabit another host or it is forced back into its container (treat as a drive-off conflict in either case). You still need to make the ob 5 Health test first, then deal with the immediate situation that follows, unless you’re in a secluded area where the ichor cannot attempt to attach itself to one of your companions.

Neat. I’d go level 4 or 5 with it, if you’re looking to bring it in line with how we’re thinking of death at BWHQ.

Does it revive the dead or just a mindless mass or it replaces (like a mind-possessing alien thingie)? I’ll think I like the latter :slight_smile:

I intended for it to revive the dead, just with…consequences. Give the character a second shot at a cost. :slight_smile: