Loss of spellbook, mentor and library of a magician

What is the fate of a magician who has lost his spellbook, and a disaster has stroke his hometown, where his mentor and library are?

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If you can buy an empty traveling spell book, you can still scribe known spells into it, one at a time. Your library allows you to fill a new spell book(or change which known spells are scribed in it) without making a test.

@Thor, can you please clarify that? Page 43 seems to indicate that it does take a Scholar test to scribe from library to spellbook, as it lists an Obstacle.

@Constantinos: Don’t despair! You can scribe a scroll of any spell you “know” – and knowing is different from being in your library. Once you obtain a replacement spellbook, you can begin the process of adding your spells back in one by one from scrolls. This is not cheap. It will take 2 checks/lifestyle per spell. If you can reach your library that is always preferable.

But in dire straits, casting off of scrolls is not a terrible way to go.

There are no rules for replacing your library. I would suggest that if you can circles up a new Mentor, then he will automatically start looking after your new Library. Libraries are weird – they end up containing all of your known spells with no test.

Thank you for your helpful responses.

My bad for trying to post from memory rather than checking the actual rule in the book. Looks like we’ve drifted things a bit.