Lost Nature Descriptors

Looking at level advancements, I noticed most (all?) have a benefit called Transformed, which gives the option to change a Nature descriptor. It says this benefit can replace a lost Nature descriptor. But, I’m not sure what could cause a character to lose a descriptor. Can anyone point me to how this can happen?

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Probably it is mostly from paying the Terrible Price after dying (Lore Master’s Manual, p. 94)

The GM removes one Nature descriptor.

The next most common cause might be special abilities or curses from monsters, like the Wererat (SG, p. 200) or cursed magical items.

But, it can also happen in other conflicts too, such as a compromise consequence of an Abjure conflict (LMM, p. 109):

You destroy the spirit, but it cuts free a part of your soul. Lose one wise, trait or Nature descriptor respective to the level of the compromise.

Or a bind compromise (LMM, p. 111)

Part of you becomes trapped in the binding. Lose one wise, trait or Nature descriptor appropriate to the level of compromise.

Or, Town events (SG, p. 290, 292, 297; LMM, p. 202).


You nailed it. Thank you. I knew it must be on the page somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.

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