Luke, you are a god!

Hey, Luke.

Rennie from Gen Con here.

Love your book. Love every full colored, well written page! I’m only part way through, but I gotta tell you - Fantastic job. Christopher Moeller would be happy to know that I’ve ordered his graphic novels because of this book.

Anyway - it was great seeing you at the show. Hope it was successful for you. I was so busy I didn’t have time to hang with you! Sorry. Wish I could have. Always love to sit and chat witcha.

Good job, my friend. Can’t wait to see what’s up your sleeve next time around!!!

Rennie Araucto
Director of Event Programming
Gen Con


I’m glad you got a copy. I was worried that it’d sell out before you could. And I’m doubly glad you like it!

I’ll see you at SoCal. If you’re not too busy, I’ll run you through a Firefight.


Great! I’ll certainly have time to run through a fire fight!!!

Can’t wait. I’m really enjoying the book. You’ll, of course, need to sign it, if you wouldn’t mind.