Lumpkin Ashbright

This is the guy I’d probably end up playing:

Lumpkin Ashbright (Level 1 Halfling Burglar)
Raiment: Blood-Red Buttons
Alignment: Unaffiliated

Will:5 Health: 3
Circles: 4 Resources: 0
Nature (Halfling): 5/5 (Sneaking, Riddling, Merrymaking)
(eats second breakfast, hides, likes adventure)

Wises: Needs a Little Salt-wise, Goblin-wise
Skills: Cook 3, Criminal 3, Fighter 2, Hunter 2, Scout 3, Scavenger 2, Peasant 2, Haggler 2
Traits: Hidden Depths 1, Adventurous 1

Home: Bertleshire (a remote village)
Friend: Lommy the Carpenter
Parents: The Ashbrights (Weavers)
Mentor: Alwyn the Scout
Enemy: None

Belief: Food or money, more is always better.
Instinct: When encountering doors in the dungeon, always check for traps.
Goal: Loot every inch of this place!

Burglar 1: Use any weapon except the crossbow, two-handed sword, halberd, polearm and lance. Use Leather, chainmail, helmet and shield.

Head/Worn: Helmet
Neck/Worn: Holy Symbol of the Lords of Fate

Hand/Worn: -
Hand/Worn: -
Hand/Carried: -
Hand/Carried: Small Sacks (2)

Torso/Worn: Leather Armor
Torso/Worn: Satchel
Torso/Worn: Rope

Belt/Pouch: Tinderbox
Belt/Weapon: Sword
Belt/Skin: Wine

Feet/Worn: Nothing

Satchel: Torches(4)
Satchel: Rations, Preserved(3)
Satchel: Thieve’s Tools