Lurking Tenderpaw finally dons cape.

Greetings fellow MG fans,

I found the mouseguard RPG after a random snoop for the MG graphic novels after rediscovering the mouseguard/dark crystal FCBD issue in my comic boxes

me and some friends had been playing a “add more rules” version of “dungeon quest” and was a fun intro but its not made for multiple sessions.

so after a bit of googling found the MG rpg and read up on it and burning wheel, and was fasinated by the importance of “being” your character, something which our group does, but abandons quickly when there is “XP TO BE GAINED!”

but this system rewards you for being like your mouse… even if you run away…

talked it over with group (the gorgeous book definitely a +1D aid here!) a few concerns from the group mostly “wheres the gear tables?” “how do i level up…?”

we decided to leave our previous gaming behind and just solider on…

now we were a little silly, but we all wanted to make our own characters, i wont go too into them but in breif…

Rufus - trophy hunter, wants to hunt dangerous creatures for fame and fortune

Daisy - nature lover, wants to harness the medicinal properties of the plants of the teritorys for the good of the guard

Quill - “hermionie” , from <insert name… sorry> and fammily are all respected bakers, but doesnt want that life, studied to be in guard since a child, and desperate to be “A GUARD MOUSE!”

max - tenderpaw born in lockhaven, showed great tallent at young age, tutored in guardmouse life, all he knows, want to embody the oath

Dave - cartographer/scout/weather watcher, wants to map the teratories in great detail and best way to do so is be one of the guard, “feels” the weather in his bones, and KNOWS to fear it

now this process was possibly the most fun ive had in a RPG ever… and it was just character creation!

we went back and forth with the questions in the rule book, expliaining why we saved for the winter, exactly what our parents did, weather we helped, wether we snuck off to go sailing or looking for crabs to watch

so much so it took us THREE HOURS

we then, to learn the confilict system did some unlinked conflicts a chase, some fights and a multi obsticle challenge

involing a snake that won with 0 dis lost and ate one of the group

and a bat that had his wings pierced and ran into a wall delivering the final blow

fantastic fun


p.s. have LOVED reading everyones tips and reports, hope i can post ours up as we get going

welcome to the guard.

ouch on that snake losing 0 from dispo. I guess it just goes that way sometimes. I had a group that split into two groups to chase a fox and lost 0 of their dispo and slammed the fox. It was an amazing scene.

Very cool. Welcome to Mouse Guard. Tell us how it goes when you play.