Lyra Daemonchild

Human (apprentice - Lvl 1) magician, 17 Years young.

Health 3
Will 5
Nature 4 (boasting, demanding, running)
[li]Quietly preparing for the cold dark to come
[/li][li]Demands to be heard as an equal, if not superior
[/li][li]No fear of those who prey on civilisation

Agent of Chaos harkens from a Religious Bastion to the god of lawful indignation

Tawny hooded cloak, ragged and patched robes. Scrawny, wiry; like a flea-bitten moggie. Scruffy blond hair, wild eyes. Haughty and contemptuous.

Alchemist 2, Arcanist 4, Cartographer 2, Dungeoneer 2, Haggler 3, Lore Master 3, Manipulator 2, Scholar 1, Theologian 2

Summoned Entity-wise

Wizard sight 1, Scarred 1

Friend: Tonkin the sly scholar who sneaks her ‘forbidden’ texts on darkest magics
Parents: Bastard child of the priest Brych, who wrings his hands in consternation at the very sight of his devilish daughter

Enemy: Thorki; Grand High Theogonist of Order and leader of the bastion

[li]Wisdom of the ages
[/li][li]Binding Spirits
[/li][li]Wizard’s Aegis

Belief: There is no faith to be had in law and order; only power to be gained through cunning bargains made with daemons.

Instinct: always cast a circle of protection when summoning.

Goal: Bind a daemon to overthrow Thorki