Lyric of Healing question

As a character recently suffered from being mortally wounded we were looking for possibilities concerning the initial recovery rolls. The character in question had access to an elven healer well versed in the arts of spell song healing, Lyric of Healing being one of them. But when we read up on it we encountered that the obstacle for the song is the Health of the Wounded, in this case Ob. 7 as Health doesn’t suffer from wounded dice reduction. As only successes over the obstacle count as advantage dice towards the Health roll, this seems to be geared more towards helping the sickly and frail with low Health exponents than the healthy ones.
Usually spell songs seem to me like enhancing (or exploiting) existing conditions, therefore wouldn’t it usually be Ob: 10 - Health of Wounded, making it easier for the song to enhance what is already there? Or is it rather like something that is intrinsically meant to help those who have no chance of passing these critical tests otherwise?

Your interpretation is correct. That song helps the weak more than the strong.
Though meeting the obstacle should grant 1D of advantage. I’m sorry if that’s not clear in the description. It’s now the standard rule for all advantage-granting spells.

Thank you, Luke. And +1D on meeting the obstacle is sweet.