Made my first mission following the GM/Player turn structure.

This is a second session in a campaign. I ran a one-shot mission and players wanted to continue the story with the same characters (Adair and Edgargo Found here and one player-made character whose instinct is to drink beer once in a while and belief is that every mouse have right to do what they want).

So players lost their home 2 years before this mission but survived that losing only their dad and uncle. Now they are going to their sister’s weddings and the mission tells about the journey to the wedding place. Mission takes place on spring. Players are not part of the Mouse Guards!

1. GM’s turn: Journey from Flintrust to Lillygrov

First obstacle: The trail is not easy to find after the winter. Ob 4 Pathfinder test.
Twist: Tired

Second obstacle: Lillygrov is on commercial blockage. Players have to argue with an archivist guarding the trader’s traffic to get in. Conflict test.
Twist: If players don’t get to the town and they don’t have other ideas, they have to buy expensive food or harvest it outside for the rest of the journey. Compromise: Players have to spy for the archivist.

Player’s turn

2. Gm’s turn: Journey from Lillygrov to Appleloft

First obstacle: There is flood and river have to be passed. Ob 4
Twist: Tired or Sick

Second obstacle: Players find a sick mouse and have to heal it. Ob 4 Heal test. Before they can start healing group of bandits come and try to take their marriage portion.

Player’s turn

That first Twist reads like the patrol failed to find a findable town. I would reword it to just make the road impassable due to weather. I’d also tie the sick mouse in as one of their friends or family.

drink beer once in a while? Really?