magic item : cursed crown of Ulrich

Ulrich was a migthy conqueror, he died far from home and was burried in this distant land.

level 4
effect : might +1
add conqueror trait at 3 while wearing the crown

the curse : each time the crone is used (combat or oratory) remove a fail and a pass on youre Will, if you can’t reduce Will. To remove the crown an Obs 4 Will test must be donne. If someone tries to remove the crown of it’s wearer, he automaticly engage a kill conflict.
if Will goes to 0 Ulrich the conqueror possess you, you become a NPC

what do you think ?

For youre information, this will be one of the 2 more powerfull item of my setting, the other one beeing the sword of a dead lvl 10 Paladin

For a level 4 item, I would change it to “Replace a trait with ‘conqueror’ while wearing the crown.”

As I want it, the crown is a trap, it’s powerfull but deadly, I want it to be to good to be true at first sight. The downward spiral should be brutal with it, at first you have a few pass and fail when you put on the crown, youre powerfull and it’s nasty. When you start losing your will, each time you use the crown, youre Will score is going down. When youre Will is 2 you want to take it of, you can’t, youre budy want to take it off you, you try to kill them.

What is also wicked cool is that the player will be reluctant to put away such a powerfull item, when the time are arsh they might try to put it on again to survive some big danger.

at first I was going to make it level 1 as in anyone can use it, but I think Ulrich want to possess some one powerfull, not some low life murdering hobo.