Magic Item Levels for three elfy items

Party found some old elf bones with loot. What level would these items be? Are any of them problematic?

  1. 'Sfestus Armor - light chainmail armor conferring resistance to heat. Grants a Health roll that does not take a turn to resist heat: it’s hot out, scorching desert sun, campfire, forest fire, dragon fire. Success and the fire washes over you.

  2. Waybread - as 1x fresh rations, but does not spoil upon entering town

  3. Fairy Lantern - as lantern, but pack 1

I’m not sure how the first one would work exactly, I assume they’d be making such a Health test anyway? So it basically gives them a bonus instinct? Would a bonus for recovery from heat make more sense, like the same way a cloak works with cold and wet?

Yeah a bonus might make more sense. Less weird.

Hey, nothing wrong with weird :slight_smile:

I love the waybread and fairy lantern!

  1. This would be armor imbued with the Second Circle Prayer, The Cloak of the Lords of Forges. Just use the rules for the prayer – the wearer is immune to the effects of non-magical heat and fire. I’d say level 2 or 3; 2 if it has a limited number of charges, 3 if it’s an ongoing, permanent effect.

  2. Great effect. I’d treat it like an “elven item” rather than magic, so it wouldn’t have a level.

  3. Very cool! Does it use oil like a regular item? Then I would also treat it as an “elven item.” Does it use some other sort of fuel, like acorns or something reasonably easy to find? Maybe level 2. If it doesn’t use fuel but has charges, I’d go with level 3.