Magic Items!

Are you giving them out in your games? My current group is 11 sessions in, and they’ve picked up a fair number, many of them placed and a few of them rolled.

  1. A cache of first level potions, including Soothing Tinctures, Soldier’s Friends and Invigorating Draughts.

  2. A magician’s traveling spell book taken from a 3rd level magician they captured. It had Eldritch Darts, Thread of Friendship and Veil of the Chameleon.

  3. Two arcane scrolls: one Eldritch Darts, one Wisdom of the Sages

  4. A Wizard’s Staff

  5. Three divine scrolls: one Benediction of the Lords of Creation, one Benison of the Lords of Valor, one Sanctuary of the Lord of Shields

  6. Bracers of Defense (Level 1, Effect: As wearing leather armor, Inventory: Hands/worn 2, Type: Magical Clothing)

  7. Handaxe of Returning (Level 2, Effect: Returns to hand between rounds when thrown, Inventory: Hands/carried 1 or Belt/weapon 1, Type: Magical Weapon)

  8. Dwarven Warhammer. Not technically magical, but it grants +1D to disposition in Kill conflicts against giantkin.

There are also two items the players know have some power, but haven’t figured out yet:

  1. A Dwarven Sword of similar make to the warhammer above

  2. A brass ring

The brass ring turned out to be a Ring of Protection (+1D Defend).

Ha! I forgot you had discovered it. Yes, +1D to Defend in Kill, Drive Off and Flee conflicts.

A vial of venom, though they don’t know it yet (muajajah). And one of my own creation:

Amulet of the Black Goat
This black stone amulet is carved into the form of three goat heads.
Level: 1
Effect: When placed under the bed of a pregnant woman it will secure that her child will be male. The amulet must be placed four months into gestation until the day of birth for the effect to be successful. Removing the amulet will cause the loss of the child.

This item is now cursed. Each night that a creature spends with nearby the amulet will be full of nightmares. It triggers an Ob 3 Will test. Suggested condition: Exhausted.
Inventory: Neck/worn 1
Type: Magical clothing

Now it ALSO contains a powerful spirit: a damned soul and the eldritch creature that tries to pull him from behind the Veil.

Stay cool :cool:

For my game, I moved wizard’s staff into the light source category, as it is essentially a torch, and adds much-needed variety to that category.

They did pick up a potion, and several Dwarven/Elven items:

Amarthcrist (Fate Cleaver), longsword: break to break a tie in Fight.
Ithilcathol (Moonblade), longsword: +1 Might versus were-/spirit-creatures. (will allow a kill conflict with creatures otherwise too high on the order of might).
Supple Chain, does not increase the obstacle for recovery from the exhausted condition.

Love those items, Larkvi!


Wielded by the Chaos Lord Molan, this three-headed flail is adorned with numerous spikes.

Effect: Once per adventure phase during a kill, capture, or drive off conflict, a player may invoke the power of the flail to wreathe it in flames. Doing so allows the wielder to switch their script to Feint after both teams have revealed their actions. Afterwards, the weapon receives a +1D advantage to Attack, Defend, and Maneuver actions but a -1D to Feint for the duration of the conflict.

Chaos Sword
Stats as a normal sword. Wielder must be aligned with Chaos to use this sword’s special abilities.
Special abilities: +1 Might. Wielder must draw randomly from the four action types instead of scripting an action.

Heartseeker Bow

As a normal bow, with the following effect. On a successful Attack test in a kill, capture, or drive-off conflict the loser must make a Health (or Nature, in the case of Monsters) test at the Ob equal to the margin of success or be knocked out of the conflict. This only affects living creatures. Each creature may only be affected by this ability once per conflict.