Magic Relics

A few magic relics I created for my game. Stored in the reliquary of an ancient monastery.

Peter, Dean, Adam, don’t read this.

Bell of Silence: a bronze bell worked with basilisks and rabbits. When struck, the bell kills sound around it. For about five seconds after each strike, total ear-splitting silence blankets the area. This causes sound-based attacks to fail and blinds bats. It’s difficult to use it for sneaking because the silence is so total that it’s alarming. (carried 1, pack 2).

Skull of Saint Hegemar: a fragile human skull. If used as a weapon in a Banish/Abjure conflict, the skull grants +1s to Attack and Defend. If the conflict is lost, the skull will shatter. (carried 1, pack 2)

Tooth of Saint Aerthmund: a brownish human tooth – a molar. It is fragile and must be carried in a small velvet-lined box. Aerthmund had the miraculous ability to talk with birds. If the tooth is held in a person’s mouth, it grants the ability to talk to birds and bird-like creatures for up to a phase. However, the miracle is granted only once to each person – putting it in your mouth again does nothing. (pack 1)

The Mail of Maugyn: a suit of chainmail once worn by a fierce champion of mankind who later ascended to immortality. It is undamaged on a 2+ instead of a 4+. However, whenever the suit is repaired, roll a die. On a 1-3 too much of the original suit has been replaced and the mail becomes ordinary chainmail.

The Left Hand of Saint Abelard: the bones of a human hand, pressed into a small clay tablet. In each Camp or Town phase, a single Unaligned character may touch the hand and pray to Saint Abelard for succor, granting him an extra Check to spend. Characters still need to have a check to set up camp, however. (pack 1)

Map of Memory: a large sheet of vellum. When unrolled, it displays a complicated diagram of lines and shapes. The character who unrolled it can remember anything he’s seen with perfect clarity while looking at the map. If used as an aid during a Cartographer test to map an area you’ve been through, it grants +1D. To other characters the map is unreadable. However, a character under the effects of Supernal Vision may attempt a Cartographer test to find out if the character who unrolled the map witnessed a particular thing. (pack 2)
Factors for the Cartography Test (start at 2): a place, a general event (any murder or any ocean voyage), a person or thing, a specific event (the murder of Dottie the barmaid, the maiden voyage of the Serpent to Pent)

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Very fun. Perhaps note that the tooth is delicate and must be carried in a small velvet-lined box (in order to justify the pack 1).

I think one d would be better for the map. Cartography only cares for success and failure, not for degree. The 1s is basically meaningless…