Magic to combat a drought!

Hey Gang in our Rot of Hiri Handia campaign Sorcerer King tried to save the nations crops during a severe drought. Over a very hot and dry summer he cast magic that brought rain to the fields. Then one day two weeks from harvest it did not stop raining. Crops rotted in the fields and everyone knew it would be a very tough year. Then the rats got in and started multiplying off the rotting grain. Then the disease set in and people began to die.

I imagine this being a result of a failed sorcery test. What would be then margic (facets sorcery?) what kind of ob would that vast scale magic be?

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Weather Worker and Rainstorm are both Water/Air for Element, and Weatherworker is Impetus Influence (Rainstorm is Control). Weatherworker is Miles area, so probably could just outrightly do what you need. And could definitely happen on the Wheel Of Magic.


Yeah. Either of those spells’ facets, maybe with the AoE’s and Duration (accidentally) dialed up.

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Heaven, Enhance, Permanent, Hundreds of Miles? The ob would be insane. It would like be a result of a garbled transmission.

Luke, where are these rules. For not its all just flavor, but are these rules in Gold (in the Sorcery section) or Codex? Its called Abstractions right?

The BW has the rules for variance using the wheel of magic.

Check Garbled Transmission on pages 509 and 510 BWGR.

The sphere of light? It would be the wind and rain of Air and Water, surely?

The Abstractions/Distillation rules were in the Magic Burner in Burning Wheel revised but they don’t exist in Gold (They didn’t work with some sorcery changes)

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