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G’Day Gang,

How would you handle magical addiction? I am going to run Blood in the Chocolate and I am thinking on how to model it. The game is written for Lamentations of the Flame Princess, so more or less BECMI, but that is more geared to “Save or Die” kind of stuff.

I am thinking addiction as a trait that you can play into or against and artha pays out on what you decide.

What do you reckon?


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I’m shocked at the lack of suggestions! I usually wait for others to jump in but I see I must step in to fill the delicious gap.

Addiction as trait is good. However, that’s just the first stage. The addiction must increase the pressure on the character. I think the best way to represent that is through conditions. If unsatisfied in camp or town, gain one condition (in order of the grind) — and I think it’s important that it’s not a specific condition, because if it’s a general condition the addict could die from it!

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You displayed admirable restraint.

I am playing Gold, would you suggest that I look to Torchbearer‘a grind for ideas to retcon into Gold?

I think you are right, playing into a trait should be the first step. It will leave them only jonesing for more magic chockey.

Whoops. Your post obviously coded TB for me.

BW doesn’t handle addiction very well, to be frank. Injury, hesitation, obstacle penalties and even traits are all a bit blunt compared to how TB can handle physical and mental debility.

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The BEMCI was the red flag. Sorry Luke.

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