Magical weapons and wargear.

I think that the game would be great if there were enchanted or magical items in the game e.g. a sword that lowered your opponents disposition by +2 successes in a fight conflict.

Please post your ideas for more of these.

The Magician’s Staff. This staff is tipped with a clear stone which houses a small piece of an egg shell. How did it get inside? What came out of the egg? Who knows! It was last seen in the collection of Sluzar the recluse, a weasel of the south darkheather who calls it “The wand of Sluzar”.

Whilst carrying the magician’s staff you are considered to have the Sorcerer trait at level 1. You may earn checks by the normal method and grant bonus dice to your tests if you can explain how magic is subtly helping you. The weapon acts as a normal quarterstaff. It’s a subtle magic and some even doubt that it’s magic at all.

The magic hat of moons and stars is a deep blue floppy cone adorned with yellow speckles. They say that it’s true power is confidence. You’ve got to have confidence to wear something like that! The hat allows your qualities to be emphasised, for good or for ill. It allows you to make spending checks to boost a trait permanent as long as the hat is worn. No single trait can be boosted twice by this benefit. This can be applied to the Sorcerer trait conferred by the Magician’s Staff but only for the individual that spends their checks to do so.

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What I meant to say is that the Black Axe itself is statted out in Celanawe’s description in the rules supplement found in the boxed set. That’s as close as we come to magical weapons.

For Mouse Guard?

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